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Personalized Credit Score Restoration Coaching


My name is Rick Mansfield. I was a VP at Guardian Bank in NY in charge of the collection division for personal loans and charge cards. I left the bank, consulted for FICO™, and started a collection agency. I know how credit bureaus and collection agencies work...or in most cases don't work. I let my credit go down the crapper to prove what I knew, in theory, could actually be done. What I knew, what I proved, and what I documented was that the collection agencies and credit bureaus assume no one knows their rights. If you know your rights, you can get every negative item removed from your credit report.


Deleting negative items from your credit report will improve your credit score. Companies like Lexington Law charge monthly for sending out letters to the bureaus, hoping they don't reply so the bureau is required to remove the disputed item. When that doesn't work they send another letter, and another, and another. They charge you monthly for sending out those letters. They have no incentive to work quickly since they charge you every month. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


Yes, I send out a letter. If the item isn't deleted, I call the bureau on your behalf. I also call the collection agencies on your behalf as needed. I owned a collection agency. I know what collection agencies & the bureaus respond to. My call to the collection agency will result in the removal of the item in question.  


I charge a flat fee. No monthly charge. I have an incentive to resolve your credit problems as quickly as possible! Plus, you know what you'll pay upfront so you can decide if this is for you.

Just want to ask a question? Go ahead. The good news is I'm NOT an attorney. Unlike attorneys, I never recommend anyone do anything I haven't successfully done myself. I owned a collection agency and was VP at 2 major NY banks overseeing the collection departments. To prove what I knew, in theory, could in fact be done I stopped paying all my bills. My credit score dropped from over 800 to below 500 as a result. Repossession, foreclosure, credit card debt, personal and student loans, even bankruptcy can be removed. I had my credit score back over 700 within 4 months without paying collectors or creditors a single cent.


Personalized coaching:

After our initial FREE consult, I'll e-mail you a plan of attack and a price so you can decide if this is right for you. My coaching will result in the deletion of negative items on your report and a substantial increase in your credit score.


Personalized coaching for credit restoration means:

I personally review every document you submit and outline a targeted course of action. The plans I formulate not only remove negative items but also include important steps to re-establish your credit and raise your credit score. It's pointless to remove the negatives, to have a clean slate, and for it to take years to regain great credit. You can accomplish both goals at the same time!


Credit restoration includes:

·Calls to collection agencies, creditors, and credit bureaus on your behalf

·An analysis of your credit report

·Customized dispute letters.

.A review of any collection letters you have received

·Review any collection messages and/or letters for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations that can result in the debt being paid and deleted from your credit report.

Include in your email below the number and type of items you want removed from your credit report. For example; two student loans, ten delinquent credit cards, five personal loans, and a repossession. Also include any additional info you think is important.


If you choose to take an extra step and make some cash while clearing up your credit, I can coach you through the Small Claims Court maze so you can sue collection agencies & the credit bureaus.


Note: your reply will come from "Debt Assassin the Book".  I always respond within 24 hours.

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Replies will come from Debt Assassin the Book.

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